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spa project - related to practice.
at the beginning of anything there is an idea.

Welcome on our website. It may have been different situations that led you to visit this site. Whether it was the plan to build a new wellness facility or to refurbish an existing one, maybe it was an economic crisis in your Spa or any other business challenge. We offer a broad range of services to meet your needs. Our consultancy is very much related to practice and based on more than 20 years of experience in the field of international Hotel & Spa management. Whether it is an analysis, a consultation, training or coaching: just click on one of the images below and see how we can help. Or simply get in touch via the contact page. We will be happy to assist.


Prior to any consultation or any change process there will be a thorough analysis of your individual situation. If you are not absolutely sure about facts and figures, or if you take advice from non-experts you risk steering your business into a wrong direction. There are many opinions, existimations and most of all many emotions about the spa business. What quality means, which trends to follow and what doesn’t make sense at all from the professional point of view… this is hard  to understand for laymen or newbies.

Therefore spa project offers professional analysis in the following fields:

  • Lack of revenue
  • Analysis of potentials
  • Analysis of competition
  • Lack of quality
  • Market analysis
  • Structural problems
  • Strategic development

services - consultation

the main question is: where do you want to get?
how to get there – this is what we’re going to clarify with our consultation.

Usually consultations are a process that accompanies architects, owners / investors or directors over a certain period. Problem analysis or market research is giving you advice for future decisions.

Spa managers benefit from valuable support in managing their facilities during such a consultation process. In a management coaching they even get the chance to further develop their personality and management skills.

Spa project consults 

  • Planning and realisation of new spa & wellness facilities
  • Refurbishment or re-organisation of existing businesses
  • Concept development

Get in touch with us via the contact page.

Services - Coaching

coaching – when it comes to advancement

Pre-Opening? Sales crisis? Putting together a team quickly and efficiently, mastering short-term problems, or building  up a newbie in spa management needs special knowledge and intensive work. The coaching offer use of our sister company Mensch³ is the perfect option for this task. Here years of experience from the practice of the spa and HR management come together. Scientifically sound learning methods ensure efficient knowledge transfer. And if necessary, Mensch³ also assists the Hotel management in those really difficult HR decisions.

Postscript: coaching is not only interesting for spa managers. If staff in the reservation department or front office has to sell wellness treatments as well, they need individually tailored information.

Services - Training

the course is set during the pre-opening

Spa therapists usually have a vast technical knowledge and experience. But they usually don’t have a hospitality background. Behaviour and workflow processes in a Hotel must be trained. Spa project joined forces with Mensch³ to conduct one- or two-day-trainings. Beauty or treatment related trainings, fresh-ups or product / sales trainings can be placed through our extensive network.